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Regrets of a Stay-at-Home Mom
I worked part time from home to care for my kids and paid a steep price

(Salon, NPR Boston affiliate WBUR, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Alternet, The Journal in Ireland, the anthology Torn: True Stories of Kids, Career & the Conflict of Modern Motherhood)

My Best Stupid Decision

The priceless life experiences you can't really afford

(Full Grown People, the anthology Full Grown People Greatest Hits, Vol. 1)

Glass Half Full

People get angry when mothers complain

(Brain, Child)


Learning the value of stuff from a different perspective

(Brevity, Sue William Silverman's guidebook Fearless Confessions: A Writer's Guide to Memoir) 


The Real Story About Retirement: Millions of Baby Boomers Face Financial Crisis
(Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Agism Is Everywhere -- Here's What We Can Do About It
(Star Tribune)

Beer in the Office? How Minnesota employers are luring employees
Star Tribune)

Local mountain climbers scaling Rainier, where friend recently lost his life

(Star Tribune)

How animals survive a Minnesota winter

(Star Tribune)

Mama Wants a Brand New Job

Stay at home mothers struggling in the recession

(Brain, Child)

Taken for a spin

Most parenting advice ignores a basic scientific principle

(Brain, Child)

Trying to control the controller
Maybe video games won't ruin kids, after all

Is Barney Destroying My Kids' Brains?

Another scary parenting study making the big media rounds and based on weak science